Stuck in Traffic? Perfect time to practise your reading.

22 05 2010

One thing we are all guaranteed to come across at one time or another in Thailand is road works. In fact, if you haven’t yet had to sit for hours in practically stationary traffic only to pass half a dozen construction workers sitting around eating ส้มตำ while one other does a bit of digging, then you probably overshot Thailand and have landed in Singapore by mistake.

Why not use the time to brush up on your reading?

...not as sorry as I am.

Here is some commonly found vocabulary used on roadwork signs.

Topic vocabulary

Construction: ก่อสร้าง gòr sâang

Diversion: ทางเบี่ยง taang bìang

Zone: เขต kàyt

Underpass: ทางลอด taang laŵt

Reduce: ลด lót

Speed: ความ เร็ว kwaam réo

Inconvenience: ความไม่สะดวก kwaam mâi sà-dùak

(To be) cautious/beware: ระมัดระวัง rá-mát rá-wang

Way/path: ทาง taang

Function Words

Work: การ/งาน gaan/gnaan

Please: โปรด bpròht

Please excuse: ขออภัย kŏr à-pai

End: สิ้นสุด sîn sùt

Ahead: ข้างหน้า kâang nâa

Prefix that converts a verb or adjective into an abstract noun: ความ kwaam e.g. kwaam + fast (ความ + เร็ว) = speed

Real-life Reading Practice

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