‘New’ Words for your Thai Dictionary

7 06 2010

In the wake of the tragedy that was 19 May 2010, or พฤษภา มหา ทมิฬ préut-sà-paa má-hăa tá-min (loosely: Very Black May) as some have now dubbed it, the The Royal Institute of Thailand is preparing to put ‘new’ words heard during political unrest into the revised Thai dictionary.

Examples cited in this article from NNT follow, with some reading practice to put them into some sort of context.

‘New’ words

ก่อการร้าย gòr gaan ráai: terrorism

ขอคืนพื้นที่ kŏr keun péun têe: reclaiming the area

เผาเมือง pao meuang: set the city ablaze

สุ่มเสี่ยง soom siang: high risk lit. random/indiscriminate risk.

This last seems to be a genuinely new compound word/collocation.  It is not in any of the dictionaries I have looked in and references on the web seem to all refer to its inclusion in the dictionary.  There’s a short discussion about its possible etymology on Pantip.com here.  Comments welcome below).

Breakdown of words in the reading practice

สหรัฐ sà-hà-rát: United States

ผู้ต้องสงสัย pôo dtông sŏng-săi: suspects

จับ jàp: arrest

นายกฯ  naa-yók: Prime Minister

ชี้แจง chée jaeng: explain

ปฏิบัติการ  bpà-dtì-bàt gaan: operation (as in military)

ลูกจ้าง lôok jâang: employees

ตกงาน dtòk ngaan: out of work

นับแสน nap saen: counted in the hundreds of thousands

Reading Practice

สหรัฐ จับ 2 ผู้ต้องสงสัยจะ ก่อการร้าย

นายกฯ ชี้แจงปฏิบัติการ ขอคืนพื้นที่

เผาเมือง ลูกจ้างตกงานนับแสน

Anki flash cards for this lesson available to down load for free here.

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3 responses

11 06 2010

This is really great stuff .

Not just the usual shopping language.

I think is also valuable for Thai people learning English (dual functionality).

I will put a link to your articles in my articles and at my site.

Thanks for all your work.

11 06 2010

Thanks Jon. In fact I have always found the works of the likes of Andrew Biggs and Terry Frederickson very helpful in teaching me Thai – like you say: dual functionality.

Thanks for the support. I look forward to perusing your site.

11 06 2010

Ha! Hadn’t reaslised you worked with Terry. Great stuff 🙂

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