Thai World Cup Fever – Know your Fao from your Go

15 06 2010

Every four years the world goes football nuts.  Given that even in the quiet times The Land of Smiles is way high on the บ้า-ometer when it comes to the Beautiful Game, Thailand is palpably vibrating with all that is South Africa 2010.  Yes, the FIFA World Cup (or ถ้วย ฟุตบอล โลก tûay fút-bawn lôhk) is very much underway.

Most of us here (unless we chose to pay the extra and switch to TrueHD for the pleasure of commentary in English) are enjoying the tournament on Channel 3 and Channel 7 and getting our ears round the Thai commentary.  And what great motivation for some listening practice.  Nothing works better than a genuine desire to understand when it comes to learning languages (and here I am assuming that you have that desire – hey, even my mum, who doesn’t know a football club from a golf club likes the World Cup!)

Here are the key bits of vocab that you will be hearing over and over during the tournament.  If you’re not in Thailand, do a quick search on YouTube.  Cutting and pasting some of the vocab here should do the trick.

The Personnel

Footballer: นัก ฟุตบอล nák fút-bawn

Forward: กอง หน้า gong-nâa

Midfielder: กอง กลาง gong glaang / มิดฟิลด์ mid-fil

Defender:  กองหลัง gong lăng

Goal keeper/goalie: ผู้ รักษา ประตู pôo-rák-săa-bprà-dtoo / โกล์ go

Referee: ผู้ ตัด สิน pôo dtàt sĭn

The Action

Kick: เตะ dtaè

Free kick: ฟรี คิก free kik

Penalty: ลูก โทษ lôok tôht

Foul: ฟาวล์ fao

Offside: ล้ำหน้า lám nâa

Injured/hurt: เจ็บ jèp

Corner kick: ลูกเตะมุม lôok dtaè moom

Throw in: ทุ่ม บอล tûm bawn

Handball: แฮนด์ บอล haen bawn

Shoot: ยิง ying

Win: ชนะ chá-ná

Lose: แพ้ páe

Draw: เสมอ sà-mĕr

The Other Bits

Pitch: สนาม sà-năam

Goal (both meanings): ประตู bprà-dtoo

Uprights: เสาประตู săo bprà-dtoo

Crossbar: คานประตู kaan bprà-dtoo

Goal line: เส้น ประตู sên bprà-dtoo

Yellow card: ใบเหลือง bai lĕuang

Red card: ใบแดง bai daeng

1st half: ครึ่งแรก krêung râek

2nd half: ครึ่งหลัง krêung lăng

Injury time: ทดเวลา tot way-lah

Now, with all that vocabulary we can really enjoy watching the matches … assuming there was any way they could shut those blasted trumpets up.

Anki flash cards for this lesson are available to download for free here.

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4 responses

18 06 2010

A coupe of extras that really should have been included first time round:

โอ้โห ôh-hŏh: interjection showing surprise

เปลี่ยน ตัว bplìan dtua: to substitute

โอกาสทอง oh-gàat tong: golden opportunity – normally used when a striker is left wide open in front of goal … and misses.

27 06 2010

Learn Thai Podcast has two MP3s full of World Cup and Football related words and phrases, with loads of slang for fans to shout at the TV. Including, I’m happy to say, อังกฤษ สู้สู้ ! Check them out:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

27 06 2010

from our twitter feed @AjarnPasa

Great #worldcup match report for Thai learners of English. Works just as well for English learners of Thai @terryfrd

9 11 2010

More football chat and vocab at Thai Visa recently

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