Goodbye Ruby Tuesday…Hello Purple Saturday

26 09 2010
This post is an adaptation of the latest in our travel language specials for Travelfish.

While forgetting what day it is might be the whole point of holidaying in Thailand, and letting time slip and meld into one amorphous gently meandering inconsequence that serves just to play host to one awesome experience after another is exactly how you planned it, it still doesn’t hurt to know the days of the week just in case.

Here, just like in much of the west (some of the days in English and all of them in French), the days of the week are named after seven celestial bodies.  Also in Thailand to each day a colour is assigned, a Buddha posture, and sometimes a flower.

Here is a straightforward reading practice in Thai Days 101:

Key Vocab
วันจันทร์ wan-jan: Monday
วันอังคาร wan ang-kaan: Tuesday
วันพุธ wan pút: Wednesday
วันพฤหัสบดี wan pá-réu-hàt-sà-bor-dee: Thursday (almost universally abbreviated to wan pá-réu-hàt)
วันศุกร์ wan sùk: Friday
วันเสาร์ wan săo: Saturday
วันอาทิตย์ wan aa-tít: Sunday
ลำดับ lam-dàp: order/sequence
ประจำวัน bprà-jam wan: daily
เทพเจ้า tâyp-pá-jâo: deity
ปาง pbaang: Buddha posture
ห้ามญาติ hâam yâat: pacifying the relatives
ไสยาสน์ săi-yâat: slumber
บาตร bàat: alms bowl
สมาธิ sà-maa-tí: meditate
รำพึง ram-peung: contemplate/muse
นาคปรก nâak-bpròk: protected by the Naga
ถวาย tà-wăai: (to) present/offer
เนตร nâyt: eyes (archaic)

Daily Trivia

The seven daily Buddha poses

More fun (and more challenging) reading about days of the week at Thai Wikipedia.



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