Banana Bounty

20 01 2011

The newspapers are always a good source of reading practice. You can go for long, in-depth editorials, smaller articles or just headlines and captions. On the patchwork clutter that makes up the front page of the tabloids there is always something to catch the eye.

Not just that, but as most of us are learning Thai not as purely an intellectual pursuit, but as a way to understand our Thai neighbours, their culture and ways of viewing the world, newspapers offer an unadulterated look at more than just grammar and syntax.

I chanced upon this tiny excerpt sitting at the bottom of page one of a discarded copy of last Saturday’s Thai Rath on a table at my local boat-noodle shop. It teaches us more about Thailand than one might at first think.

Key Vocab and Tricky Words
หวย hŭay: lottery
หลั่งไหล làng lăi: to gush in
เซ่นไหว้ sâyn wâi: to make offerings
ลาภ lâap: fortune/luck
หัวปลี hŭa bplee: banana blossom
สีเขียวตองอ่อน sĕe kĭeow dtong on: green like a young banana leaf (bright green). It is this, along with it’s unusual height, that makes the tree special as normally the blossoms are purple
รกร้าง rók ráang: neglected

The Reading

หวยกล้วย ชาวบ้านจำนวนมากต่างหลั่งไหลกันนำของมาเซ่นไหว้ขอหวยและโชคลาภจากต้นกล้วยสูง 3 เมตร มีหัวปลีสีเขียวตองอ่อน ซึ่งขึ้นอยู่บริเวณที่รกร้างเดิมเป็นโรงงานเส้นหมี่ ปากซอยเพชรเกษม 31/4

Click to hear the excerpt read.




2 responses

22 01 2011
Charles Frith

Thanks for this. I’m going to learn all the words here today. I love this about the local culture. The celebration of the unusual.

22 01 2011

Cheers Charles. There’s always something funky going on in the papers.

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