Promises, Promises: Part 3 – Rak Prathet Thai

8 06 2011

Welcome to the third part in our series on the slogans and manifesto promises splashed across roadside posters up and down the country as Thailand prepares to go to the polls.

In this post we look at the work of the inimitable Chuwit Kamolvisit ชูวิทย์ กมลวิศิษฎ์ a relatively recent addition to the political landscape, but one that no one can have failed to have noticed.  After an abortive stint as a MP for the Chart Thai Party and two unsuccessful runs at the governorship of Bangkok, he is now back in the race for a place in Parliament as sole candidate for the Rak Prathet Thai Party พรรครักประเทศไทย.

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In case you have missed the whole Chuwit thing, this quote taken from an interview he gave The BangkokPost gives you some idea of his style:

When I asked why [he didn’t have a team of advisers] earlier this week, he said, “I don’t need advice from anyone, I know what I want. I just need their motivation.” Later I asked him what he wanted, to which he replied: “To be on a yacht, with a glass of warm brandy, a beautiful woman and a nice cigar.”

Check out the key vocab for Chuwit’s particular brand of electioneering then have a go at the text from the posters, reproduced below. Rollover for translations, then see if you can keep pace with the slideshow.

Key Vocab and Tricky Words
เลือก choose
ฝ่ายค้าน opposition
ต้าน against
เขต constituency
ท่ัวประเทศ nationwide
ตรงไป ตรงมา straight/frank
ผ้าอ้อม nappy
ยิ่ง the more
คบ close/friendly
ชื่อสัตย์ honest
บัญชีรายชื่อ party list

The Posters


เลือก ชูวิทย์
ได้ทุกเขต ท่ัวประเทศไทย

ไม่ซ้าย ไม่ขวา
ตรงไป ตรงมา
เลือก ชูวิทย์ พร้อมกันทุกเขต ท่ัวประเทศ

เลือก ชูวิทย์

ทุกเขต ท่ัวประเทศ


ทุกจังหวัด ทั่วประเทศ

Source for the posters here.




4 responses

9 06 2011
Paul Salvette

I just found your website from a comment link the New Madala site. Thank you for providing all this information. I work at a Thai organization, and my Thai is unacceptably poor. Hope to improve my Thai language abilities a bit by following along.

9 06 2011

Glad to be of help Paul. I try to keep things relevant to what’s going on Thailand so that people feel motivated to have a go. Difficulty varies depending on the subject matter (and my level of enthusiasm at any given time). If you have any suggestions for posts feel free to put them in a comment.

16 06 2011
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