Tweet Yourself Thai is a blog of short, timely, thematic lessons for intermediate learners of Thai.  For those of you who know the basics (or speak fluent ‘Taxi Thai’ as some call it) but haven’t yet got to grips with the vocabulary needed for the less run-of-the-mill situations, this blog should help you on your way.  No long-winded explanations of things you already know, just key vocab for the featured situation and some reading practice to keep your eyes sharp.

We also publish occasional ‘specials’ for our friends at Travelfish which deal specifically with the language needs of tourists and backpackers – and are perhaps a neat reminder of some basic vocab for our more experienced readers.

This interview with me by the guys at Bangkok Podcast provides a bit of background about the way I view language learning.

All the lessons are previewed on Twitter, which we also use for small one-offs looking at breaking down Thai script tweets from a range of sources.  Follow our feed here twitter.com/AjarnPasa 

You can also stay up to date with what we’re up to on our Facebook page.

Our Twitter feed also contains lists you can follow to give you bite sized reading opportunities of authentic Thai in everyday use, link you to other language blogs, or just keep you up to date with stuff going on in Thailand.

Enjoy and ตั้งใจเรียนครับ

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