No Cure for Quackery

29 06 2011

I used to read The Daily Mirror, and occasionally someone would leave a copy of The Sun lying around the flat, so I’m used to the tabloids’ interminable quest to divide the world into things that either cure or cause cancer.  For the most part it’s easy enough to shrug it of as red-top baloney.*

However, when one’s government starts spending tax money on broadcasting quackery, old wives tales and nonsense I can’t help but feel a little let down.

The above is a massive billboard in suburban Bangkok erected in the name of The National Cancer Institute and the Dept. of Medical Services reassuring us that cancer is preventable and suggesting five dos and five don’ts to help stave off the big C.

While there are some fairly sensible recommendations here on staying healthy, there also seems to be some pretty suspect assertions. Use your Thai reading skills and the vocab list below to separate the single malt from the mouthwash.** Rollover translations and audio to help you as usual.

Key Vocab and Tricky Words
มะเร็ง cancer
ป้องกัน protect against/prevent
ห่างไกล far away
เป็นนิจ habitually
จิตแจ่มใส clear heart/mind (used here metaphorically to mean happy)
หลากหลาย a variety
มั่ว wild/uncontrolled/random
สุรา alcohol
จ้า bright
น้ำจืด freshwater
สถาบัน institute
กรม ministry/department
การแพทย์ medical profession

Text from the Billboard
มะเร็ง ป้องกันได้
5ทำ 5ไม่ ห่างไกลมะเร็ง

The Dos

The Don’ts

สถาบันมะเร็งแห่งชาติ กรมการแพทย์

*Baloney being of course one of the things that causes cancer … or, of course, does not.

** You guessed it, single malt cures cancer, while mouthwash causes it.  As too do deodorant, talcum powder, soup, the common cold and Facebook!




4 responses

1 07 2011

Sex causes cancer?!

1 07 2011

I think they might want to check their evidence.

16 07 2011
Flippin' Nora

Only *wild* sex… 😀

16 07 2011


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